Before this Blog was even a thought in my mind, I had worked with Nancy Kinney of Desert Night Designs to create something that could full represent what the Cee Cee James music was all about, which we had defined as Roots/Blues/Americana with the umbrella niche being HELLACIOUS HEALING Blues. I loved what she had created and so did the Fans! However, this HHB Blog and its content is truly just a circular journey from the music back to the blog and around again! So I felt it was very appropriate to offer this HHB Bling here on the Blog! So until I get a store up and rollin’ I felt it was very ‘right on’ to put these up for sale. I hope you love them and will purchase as it helps support this Blog. As time goes on and this Blog grows, I hope to offer more goodies to bring happiness, truth, and honesty into your lives!

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