There is NO Hope For Power

This is an interesting piece based on the fact I that I pulled it from my archives and many times when I do that, I’m rather surprised at what I find and ask myself, ‘did I write that?’ Also the date I wrote it was in October 2012, when we were living in St. Louis and madly searching for a place in Oregon to re-locate to since we felt we had hit a dead end wall living in that area of the country as far as our music careers went. We had come back from Europe feeling rather exhausted and desolate. So in that regard, what part of my soul did this writing emanate from? It seems to lean toward those in power who seem to have lost all connection to any sort of moral character or connection to the Great Mystery. Possibly I was feeling irritated and resentful at the fact that no matter what we did, how much money we spent, how hard I performed on stage trying to ‘prove myself,’ to ‘prove that I was worthy’ of a manager or agent, I couldn’t get one. Of course I blamed it all on myself.. that I was doing something wrong in the big scope of things. Never did I think it was because of lack of talent.. hell I knew I was not God’s gift to the music world by any far stretch of the imagination but artists with less talent than I had made it big so ‘why not I?’ I do remember I had seen a photo of a big record executive sitting behind a big fancy expensive desk, in an elaborately expensively decorated office, with his feet up, smoking a cigar, and I thought: “Well, there’s where all the artists money goes… struggling musicians slugging across the country from exhausting gig after gig, with little sleep most of the time, eating crap food and barely making enough to pay for the next meal at times, and their sits Mr. Big Wig collecting the publishing royalties and a nice percentage of the gig pay.” This most likely seeded the idea behind the writing but then it seemed to take a life of its own diving into the truth about how power is a seductive force to those who fall prey to its cunning and egotistical ways and once a person truly tastes the intoxicating effect of big power, vanity takes over and one goes blind from their own false image in the mirror. Prince once said, “I’ve been to the mountain top, there’s nothing there.” And in that, there is always hope for even the biggest most powerful ego to bow down and for that soul to awaken.

There is NO Hope For Power

there is no hope for power 
it chokes, it strangles, it explodes
it’s vain, swollen, blind
seething-ly it corrodes

it’s bold, it’s cold,
manipulation is the game
it cuts, it rips
anything and everything to pave its way

there is no hope for power
devastation of the soul
devastation of all good things
brainwash the babies, sacrifice the old

it fibs like a demon child
while it stares me in the face
challenging me to try and slap it down
but instead I turn away

no one can win against its force       
most can't wake to save their lives                                                
ah but when the time is ripe
Love will sever the chord

swollen bank accounts and bellies                                                 expensive cigarettes and caviar
dinner parties darling, 
arriving in the governor's car!

unaware and ignorant...                                                            
petty and pretentious pawns                                                        
atop their slaughterous thrones of powers glory
in the thin air above moralities law

there's no hope for power                                                          it lies to keep its place
anything and everything it will say
to keep your head upon the plate

its wicked face disguised in social status whispers in your ear
as it shoots your veins with words full of seduction into ignoramus fear
it controls and keeps us trapped
while we waste our lives believing all the crap

what is there to do, what is there to say
as the world spins itself through a trillion stars in space
little men slinging hurtful words and false facade                                 wearing ill fitted faces and playing God

Lord forgive them for they truly know not what they do                                   Lord please help us all, as we fall...

(c) 2021 Christina James      
Circa 2012

Credits: Header photo by Marc Olivier Jodoin from

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  1. Loved it. Especially the last stanza.
    The sounds of the words are lovely.

    Also it lays out nicely on the page. Word and line spacing are so important in poetry. The platform didn’t fight you here. 🥰

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