Wounds – HHB Theme Song

In thinking back on where this song came from, my mind is literally blank. It had to have been when we lived in St. Louis, MO for a year as that is when we were driving down to our producers studio in Tennessee or actually it could have been when we lived in Gallatin, TN when we had put our writing hats on to prepare for our next release which turned out to be BLOOD RED BLUES. I do remember writing quite a number of songs in Gallatin, TN, so Wounds could have definitely been written in Gallatin. Either way, this CD was written and recorded in the South where many greats have laid it down; and now “WE” can say our names, our voices, our sweat and tears in making BLOOD RED BLUES is all part of that rich soil of roots and blues.

During our time in Gallatin, we were tossing around what producer to work with and a dear musical mentor friend, Don Wilcock, (see note below for more on Don), referred us to grammy award winning producer, JIM GAINES, who has worked with the likes of Santana, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Rawls, Huey Lewis, Stevie Miller Band, Luther Allison, and so many more. I thought, no way will he want to work with us, and besides he’s got to be exorbitantly EXPENSIVE! So I did not call him. But the Universe had much more in play than me simply deciding it would not work out and in that regard Jim Gaines actually called us and invited us down for a ‘discuss the project’ chit chat and so we went. The rest of the history on BLOOD RED BLUES, and our time with Jim will be for another blog post, but for now we are going to move on into Wounds.

In contemplating this song and it’s lyrics on a drive home from my accounting day job last week, it occurred to me that Wounds is the perfect Theme Song for this blog and so today I am anointing it as such! I think you will agree as you read the lyrics and listen to the tune below.

It fits right into the Journey into the Depths of Soul Alchemy because that is what it speaks of. Our Wounds eventually bringing us to our bliss, and what is bliss? For me it is a true deep inner peace, realizing I can be accepted just as I am (and THAT is a big one for many of us); it’s the compassion and humbleness that I now feel deeply for myself and others… It’s when the “egotistical ego” becomes the servant not the master of my moments.

I, like most people have had many painful life experiences where I didn’t think I could go on. One of the hardest, most painful was in losing my 2nd husband to cancer and the silence without him, without his arms to comfort me and for me to be able to comfort him. He was gone, truly gone on the physical level and that’s where we humans live, (at least for now), and that’s why it hurt so badly… my buddy, my partner, my love… gone from this physical realm. However, what I have come to know over the years is of the deeper truth that Wounds talks about. I’ve come to know the gifts from the suffering of pain that come in the form of CLEAR VISION… as the veil of illusion is pulled back for at least one moment and I realize how much of what I had done for years before his death just meant absolutely nothing. I decided during the first few achingly sad days after his death that I just didn’t have time for any more BS from myself or others. When the pain drops you to your knees and reminds you of how short life is and you’d better get on with it all – that is one of the greatest gifts. To become aware. Pain can do that… it certainly did for me. From that, the seeds of growth into our authentic self begin will begin to sprout.

The very early years of my painful life experiences as a small little girl only took me into an ‘auto-pilot numb’ mode, as I learned coping mechanisms that saved me from many things but in the long run did not work. The later years have been bringing me to the truth of my being and an ‘awareness’ of it all. And THAT my friends is truly what we are headed for… a grand pulling back of the veil of illusion that has told us and sold us for years that all this is real, and then we buy into it all as the years fly by and what did all that mean? The sooner the painful experiences push our buttons, the sooner the veil is pulled back, the sooner we can get over our limited beliefs about ourselves, the world, and others and the sooner we will rise like the phoenix out of the ashes. Just imagine that for a moment….

 They never go away
 They just wanna make you get down 
 Upon your knees and pray
 For relief from the heartache and the pain
 Oh… Oh… Wounds

 That bandaid didn’t work
 You just had to rip it off 
 And then it caused you even deeper hurt
 Made you cry
 Sometimes you even wanna lay down and die
 Oh… Oh… Wounds
 Oh… Oh… Wounds
 Oh… raw and tender Wounds

 Old wise man tells you this
 All those Wounds are gonna take you to your bliss
 They never heal
 But therein lies the gift
 An honest heart takes years to gain
 All its beauty lives within its scars and in its ache
 Brings your soul into that humble truthful place
 Oh… Oh… Wounds
 Oh… raw and tender Wounds
 Oh… Oh… Wounds
 Oh… precious tender Wounds
 Oh… Oh… Oh… Oh… Wounds
 Wounds… Wounds…

(c) 2021 Cee Cee James / Rob Slidboy Andrews
         From the CD - BLOOD RED BLUES

Vocals- Cee Cee James / Guitars- Rob Slideboy Andrews / Bass- Dan Mohler / Drums-Chris Leighton / Piano Snyth- Susan Julian

All Photos from Unsplash.com: Header Photo: Milada Vigerova / 1st row left to right: Kitera Dent, Luis Galvez, Kat J: 2nd row left to right: Do Thuong, Maksym Kaharlytski

About Don Wilcock: Don Wilcock was nominated for Music Journalist of the Year in the 2019 inaugural Capital Region Eddies Awards. He began writing about music for The Army Reporter at U.S. Army Headquarters, Vietnam. He’s written columns for NYS Music, Metroland, The Saratogian, and The Troy Record; and edited several music magazines including King Biscuit Times, BluesPrint and Blues Wax. He wrote Buddy Guy’s authorized biography Damn Right I’ve Got The Blues, and his interviews with more than 6000 artists from Jerry Garcia and James Brown to Derek Trucks have appeared in publications around the world.

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