Riding the Silence

I dream of Riding the Silence...
Up high...only wind whooshing by
Eagles singing
Crows cawing
Tree tops swaying

Over rivers rushing...
Tumbling over rocks
As I swoop down low
Settling gently into the flow
and sinking into the rush

I dream of Riding the Silence
Deep within the breath
In and out
Rising...falling...expansion and release
Up high only stillness...above the thoughts
The monkey jumping chaos

As my spirit sinks into the abyss of all that is
Floating between the worldy 'what seems to be'
and the truth of what is
As my fear of letting go sinks beneath my feet
For just awhile...
and the peace surrenders and engulfs me

I dream of stepping into my Maker
Becoming one...realizing that I already am
Part and parcel
Seeing through those eyes...speaking through those lips
Hearing through those ears..
As the Buddha...hands unclenched... mind free
Only love standing
Only love sitting
Only love moving
Only love...
Riding the Silence

(c) 2020 Christina M James

Credits: Photo of The Nooksack River in Washington state by Christina James

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